Best Teenager Books by Laurie Halse Anderson

The most part of the adolescents is extremely difficult to understand. Their behavior generally seems to lack logic. Teens and young adults tend to make impulsive and spontaneous decisions and act according to their feelings more often than to to their sense. Ruled by emotions some adolescents may have difficulties in building and supporting normal relationship with their peers. Studying a psychology of a teenager will help his or her parents to develop positive relationship with their child without the misunderstanding which inevitably leads to the regular conflicts. Reading some fiction books sometimes can clear the situation up better than complicated articles explaining the peculiarities of the teenagers’ behavior. The following novels will reveal the implicit problems the students of a high school face quite often, but are likely to hide.

  • The most interesting and captivating book that reads very easily is “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson. Telling a story of a female teenager outcast suffering form a deep psychological trauma caused by a rape this book may hep to understand the real reasons for an inadequate behavior of some adolescents. Full of wit and dark humor it is recommended for studying in a high school. While the students analyze it with their teachers they can learn much useful information to help them in cooperating and communication with each other as well as maintaining tolerant attitude to their classmates.

  • Another book written by Laurie Halse Anderson was the most awaited one to be published. “Wintergirls” is narrated by the girl deeply disturbed by the death of her bosom friend who was suffering from bulimia. The main character is also subjected to developing an eating disorder. Being shocked by this awful events she slips into a worse state caused by anorexia nervosa and goes through the hard way of recovery. Coping with the constant feeling of guilt which is a real torment for her she finally learns not to dwell on the negative experience. The book is written in the form of a diary that makes it more comfortable for the young adult and teenage audience, as it is typical to keep a diary of the people aged between 12 an 22.

  • Most of the books about teenagers depict the life of female adolescents, so it may seem that boys solve their problems with applying less effort.This fallacy is dispelled by the book by the same writer leading a male narration. “Twisted” is a captivating story of a boy who suffers from the depression induced by his committing a crime. Step by step he begins to realize that there is no point in a constant self-blaming and gains popularity as he enters the high school.

Being highly informative, deep and easy to read all these books were awarded different awards such as the New York Times bestseller and the American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults. A film based on the novel “Speak” starring Kristen Stewart also received positive comments from the critics.

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