Professional Deformation and Its Impact on Health

People spend a great part of their lives at work, so there is no wonder that our professional sphere and everyday tasks influence our psychic and mind. This process is called professional deformation and is known for producing a negative effect on work efficiency and personal development.

Professional deformation is more characteristic for the spheres where communication is involved, like medicine, psychology, teaching. It is expressed in a change of the attitude towards other people – the teachers become more authoritarian, the psychologists tend to manipulate people and so on. There are types of professional deformation which can be dangerous to your health and you should better get acquainted with them to be prepared to cope with these “work injuries”.

Emotional burnout is a kind of disease which can be characterized by a growing indifference to your duties, the sensation of failure and oppression which can lead to the decline in quality of life, neurotic disorders and psychosomatic diseases. Emotional burnout is usually caused by performing routine work or the work requiring considerable emotional costs.

The manager syndrome means psychological disorientation of office workers due to the high pressure provided by both external and internal factors. It can lead to increase of the level of aggression, inadequate perception of people and situations, and the loss of taste of life and disability of self-improvement.

The best way to cope with professional deformation is to observe all signs of approaching danger and take a vacation when you feel it is needed. If you can not take a week or two off, you can follow some simple recommendations to stand the pressure of your work.

To reduce everyday stress, make to-do-lists and use a proper breathing technique to remain calm even at dead lines. Replace coffee with green tea. Coffee causes only a short burst of activity, while green tea will mildly and constantly stimulate the brain activity. Practice a creative approach to even the most routine tasks, make your brain work out new ways of solving some ordinary problems in order to avoid emotional burnout. Make an everyday break from using technical devices. If there are enough email checking and searching in the Internet during your work day, you should better replace these activities with something more healthy and active in the evenings.

All in all, if you face some kind of professional deformation you should slow down and take your time to revalue your priorities.

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