Never make your girlfriend jealous in vain.

If you have a distant relationship, it’s quite a challenge for both of the participants. But sometimes you, guys, do everything to make your girlfriend jealous, I just can’t get why. Here are some tips not to make your girlfriend jealous in vain, or a short tutorial on thinking of the consequences for all your actions.

1). Never ever post your pics with other girls into any social net. Especially if your girlfriend knows that one of the women in the photo is attracted by you. Especially if she wears your clothes when you meet the sunset somewhere at your place! No, seriously. This is a true story! How can you be so irresponsible? No one says you must stop communicating with your friends-girls, but why should you let your jealous couple know about it one morning in the web?

2). Never ever say a phrase like “There’s nothing between me and this girl. We are just friends!”. This “just friends” presupposes some “but”. It means you are now with your girlfriend, but you could or can be with the “just friend” girl in future. No one knows. All that we, girls, know is that there is nothing impossible and that you can’t be “just friends” with a hot woman. At least SHE doesn’t think so.

3). At last, never ever try to get offended because of your girlfriend’s jealousy. It’s not that she doesn’t trust you. It’s about her not trusting all those women with sweet smiles around. If you know that your girlfriend is a woman of property, you should not be offended by her being not calm seeing you with your friends-girls. We never get jealous all of a sudden! Learn that by heart! What we need from you is a bit more consciousness of what you are doing and how the person whom (I hope) you are not indifferent to can react to that. Not so difficult, huh?

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