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Plinking For Those Who Likes Diversity

Plinking is the special hobby that suits almost everyone. It is shooting the unusual targets such as cans, glass bottles, cartons or plates. The name of this activity is originated from the word “plink” which imitates a sound produced by a bullet striking a can for example.

The spectacular videos uploaded to the internet made this hobby a rather popular one among the people of all ages and occupations. The professional shooting may seem to be rather boring as the strained covering the target requires a lot of stamina and patience. The center of the paper target isn’t the most interesting and unusual thing to be shot. Plinking is an entertainment that may help you to distract yourself from the daily routine. That’s why those who are fond of plinking search for new targets that may explode in a spectacular way. For example shooting the paint barrels is accompanied with the colorful flash of liquid paint. Being shot the barrel flies up in the air and releases the paint. A great pleasure and fun is shooting the so called running targets. There are the targets that move while you are trying to cover them.

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Being honest.

Women are unpredictable creatures. You never know what to expect from them. It seems like your girlfriend wants you to be honest with her. But next time she is offended you are too honest. She wants to hear your opinion but then she doesn’t like it. And it may even cause arguments between two of you. So what would you do in the situation?

No one wants to be cheated and betrayed. But at the same time not many are ready to accept the things as they are. Not many are ready to hear the truth about themselves. The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple (Oscar Wilde). Well, agree that it would never be simple. Especially if you touch on a subject that seems to be ambiguous. At the same time you should keep in mind that girls are pretty touchy on the subject of physical appearance and relations. I mean if you do not like something then being too direct would hurt her feelings. It doesn’t mean you have to flatter her all the time. Just don’t be too direct or too honest. If she is interested in your past be careful. Otherwise your past would ruin your present. Women are curious and your past relationships are not excluded. Of course it depends on her. But at the same time I think that it is okay to keep some secrets from her. Women can ask really strange questions. For example, she wonders if someone is better than her. Well, I think a little lie wouldn’t hurt in the case.

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Books which Makes Me Crazy

In my opinion, we read books not to learn some interesting story or some new useful information or just pass time, though these motives may lie on the surface of our desire to read. But the original reason is our desire to gain strong impressions from any source we can affords, be it real life or some public addition. Books which manage to produce such impression remain with us forever. Everybody has his own list of impossible-to-forget stories. Here is mine.

“The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” by John Boyne refers to the years of the World War II. Of course, it is not the first book to tell us about the tragedy of war, but the unusual narration made this story exceptionally touching. The novel is about the friendship between two small boys -Bruno, who is the son of a Nazi Commandant, and a little Jew Schmuel who lives behind the fence of Auschwitz. Naïve views of Bruno who has not comprehended the depth of human cruelty yet makes the notes of tragedy sound even bitterer. In the end Bruno puts on striped pajamas and finds the way to the other side of the fence to play with Schmuel and the two boys got poisoned in the gas camera of Auschwitz like millions of other captives.

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Health without Medicine

Modern people hardly have any time to spend on their health. If we have some problems we take some drug and proceed with our daily routine. But personally I do not trust drugs much. They may remove local pain but at the same time they can produce negative effect on the other parts of your body. That’s why I try to avoid medicine every time it is possible.

It is believed, for instance, that we should not tolerate headache. But when you take pain killers you prevent your body from producing its own analgetic – prostoglandin. These elements help to relax and cope with the problem by your own means. The easiest way to fight your headache is to close your eyes, relax and wait for about 10-15 minutes. You will be surprised, but this method actually works.

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How To Improve Your Mood And Stop Worrying

There are times when you just want to go away to an inhabited island or even to leave for another planet so that there are no such troublesome things anymore as cooking, cleaning, working and so on. When such thoughts are taking over it means you are in a very bad mood and it is better for you and for the people surrounding you to improve it before you start hurting people and as a way to improve your life in general. Here are several tips to make it easier:

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The mystery of Mona Lisa

The world is full of the things that can’t be explained and such things always play on our curious nature. In other words – we all adore riddles!

I have recently come across the information that one of the greatest mysteries of all ages is finally solved. This is quite sad and joyful at the same time. The mystery I’m talking about is Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. To be exact – her smile.

For many years we all could not understand how this woman painted on the picture can smile and be sad at the same time. We used to look at the reproductions or the original for hours but the solution was never found.

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Sarin Attack in Tokyo Subway

The sarin attack in the Tokyo Underground happened on 20 March 1995. The Kasumigaiseki and Nagatatyo stations appeared to be in the epicenter of the attack. This dreadful crime was committed by the Aum Shinrike cult followers. Ten people were the perpetrators. They entered the subway cars carrying the plastic bags with sarin, a poisonous gas developed by Nazi, and then punctured the packets with the sharpened ends of their umbrellas. At the exits of the stations they were met by their accomplices and driven by cars to the Aum Shinrike headquarters.

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