Sarin Attack in Tokyo Subway

The sarin attack in the Tokyo Underground happened on 20 March 1995. The Kasumigaiseki and Nagatatyo stations appeared to be in the epicenter of the attack. This dreadful crime was committed by the Aum Shinrike cult followers. Ten people were the perpetrators. They entered the subway cars carrying the plastic bags with sarin, a poisonous gas developed by Nazi, and then punctured the packets with the sharpened ends of their umbrellas. At the exits of the stations they were met by their accomplices and driven by cars to the Aum Shinrike headquarters.

  • sarin structure

Sarin is a poisonous gas which easily can be diluted in water, alcohol and organic liquids. Though it is not the most toxic substance in the world, sarin is twenty times more toxic than cyanide. The drop as large as pin head is enough to kill an adult man. Sarin possesses the nerve affecting effects. The victims of this attack experienced the state reminding of a bad cold and later their symptoms got worse and a lot of people were hospitalized.

Firstly the victim of sarin poisoning felt the breath problems, than the eyesight of affected people grew worse. Many of them thought that the station lights run out. Some people fainted right on the platforms and remained there continuing to inhale the dangerous sarin fumes.

The criminals who carried out the terrorists attack took the lives of eight people, including two station attendants and injured hundreds of passengers. Each perpetrator carried two bags of sarin wrapped in a newspaper sheet except Yasuo Hayasi who carried three ones and managed to puncture them all.

All the cult followers were arrested and appealed their death sentence. But the innocent people still suffer from the physical or psychological aftereffects of sarin poisoning. The inner strength of Japanese is surprising as the most victims of the attack have found the courage to return to their normal living.

The founder of the destructive sect Seko Asahara is sentenced to death and is currently kept in prison. The followers of Aum Shinrike cult reorganized their religious community and changed its name to “Alef”. The still continue to carry out the plans of Asahara illegally.

The most recent arrests were broadcast by all the TV channels in Japan. Makoto Hirato who was one of the leaders of Aum was arrested on 1 January 2012. Naoko Kikuti was arrested om 3 June 2012. The last member of Aum top brass was caught in the internet-cafe on 15 June 2012.

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