Bed Bugs Bites

Except cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants and flies there are also more dangerous insects living in the people’s houses such as bed bugs and fleas. That’s why a lot of people mistake the bite marks left by these harmful insects for the ones left by mosquitoes. The mosquito bites usually don’t bring much discomfort except itching and slightly swollen red area.

After the flea bite the small red dots covered with a thin cradle cap. Despite their small size the fleas move extremely fast and possess enough power to reach the tine blood vessels under your skin to cause the localized bleeding. Usually the fleas move along one and the same skin area and make numerous bites. These insects may attack in any time of day and night.

The bed bugs start their “hunting” only during the night time. In that period of time the bed bugs are practically invisible and invulnerable. They choose the thinnest areas of the human skin and puncture it with their sharp promuscis. Their bite resembles a tiny scratch. Along with penetrating the soft tissues the bed bug makes a small injection of anesthetic substance in order to prevent the victim from feeling any discomfort. It also prevents bleeding. A young and healthy bed bug needs from two to three minutes to suck enough blood in. The old bed bug may suck the blood for more than half an hour. After that these insects hide themselves in their shelters and digest the blood.

  • To distinguish the bites of the bed bugs from the ones of mosquito use these tips.
  • The bed bugs bites remind of a small scratch.
  • The place of a bite gets itchy and the swelling grows gradually.

To relieve the pain and itching before you visit a dermatologist use the cool black tea application. Use antiseptic wipes to prevent the inflammation.

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