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Is a Screen Version Always Better than a Book?

Are screen version of the famous books always worse than the original issues? First of all let us state that plays are designed especially to be performed on the stage. And the playwright takes into account that his play would be performed by various actors so he needs to put all the meaning into the phrases of the characters. Otherwise he is allowed to make some stage directions, for example “Anna steps into the kitchen holding a cat in her arms”. Though the protagonist may always ask what for does Anna carry a cat and the necessity of the stage direction will be diminished.

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Books which Makes Me Crazy

In my opinion, we read books not to learn some interesting story or some new useful information or just pass time, though these motives may lie on the surface of our desire to read. But the original reason is our desire to gain strong impressions from any source we can affords, be it real life or some public addition. Books which manage to produce such impression remain with us forever. Everybody has his own list of impossible-to-forget stories. Here is mine.

“The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” by John Boyne refers to the years of the World War II. Of course, it is not the first book to tell us about the tragedy of war, but the unusual narration made this story exceptionally touching. The novel is about the friendship between two small boys -Bruno, who is the son of a Nazi Commandant, and a little Jew Schmuel who lives behind the fence of Auschwitz. Naïve views of Bruno who has not comprehended the depth of human cruelty yet makes the notes of tragedy sound even bitterer. In the end Bruno puts on striped pajamas and finds the way to the other side of the fence to play with Schmuel and the two boys got poisoned in the gas camera of Auschwitz like millions of other captives.

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Best Teenager Books by Laurie Halse Anderson

The most part of the adolescents is extremely difficult to understand. Their behavior generally seems to lack logic. Teens and young adults tend to make impulsive and spontaneous decisions and act according to their feelings more often than to to their sense. Ruled by emotions some adolescents may have difficulties in building and supporting normal relationship with their peers. Studying a psychology of a teenager will help his or her parents to develop positive relationship with their child without the misunderstanding which inevitably leads to the regular conflicts. Reading some fiction books sometimes can clear the situation up better than complicated articles explaining the peculiarities of the teenagers’ behavior. The following novels will reveal the implicit problems the students of a high school face quite often, but are likely to hide.

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