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Books which Makes Me Crazy

In my opinion, we read books not to learn some interesting story or some new useful information or just pass time, though these motives may lie on the surface of our desire to read. But the original reason is our desire to gain strong impressions from any source we can affords, be it real life or some public addition. Books which manage to produce such impression remain with us forever. Everybody has his own list of impossible-to-forget stories. Here is mine.

“The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” by John Boyne refers to the years of the World War II. Of course, it is not the first book to tell us about the tragedy of war, but the unusual narration made this story exceptionally touching. The novel is about the friendship between two small boys -Bruno, who is the son of a Nazi Commandant, and a little Jew Schmuel who lives behind the fence of Auschwitz. Naïve views of Bruno who has not comprehended the depth of human cruelty yet makes the notes of tragedy sound even bitterer. In the end Bruno puts on striped pajamas and finds the way to the other side of the fence to play with Schmuel and the two boys got poisoned in the gas camera of Auschwitz like millions of other captives.

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