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Being honest.

Women are unpredictable creatures. You never know what to expect from them. It seems like your girlfriend wants you to be honest with her. But next time she is offended you are too honest. She wants to hear your opinion but then she doesn’t like it. And it may even cause arguments between two of you. So what would you do in the situation?

No one wants to be cheated and betrayed. But at the same time not many are ready to accept the things as they are. Not many are ready to hear the truth about themselves. The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple (Oscar Wilde). Well, agree that it would never be simple. Especially if you touch on a subject that seems to be ambiguous. At the same time you should keep in mind that girls are pretty touchy on the subject of physical appearance and relations. I mean if you do not like something then being too direct would hurt her feelings. It doesn’t mean you have to flatter her all the time. Just don’t be too direct or too honest. If she is interested in your past be careful. Otherwise your past would ruin your present. Women are curious and your past relationships are not excluded. Of course it depends on her. But at the same time I think that it is okay to keep some secrets from her. Women can ask really strange questions. For example, she wonders if someone is better than her. Well, I think a little lie wouldn’t hurt in the case.

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Never make your girlfriend jealous in vain.

If you have a distant relationship, it’s quite a challenge for both of the participants. But sometimes you, guys, do everything to make your girlfriend jealous, I just can’t get why. Here are some tips not to make your girlfriend jealous in vain, or a short tutorial on thinking of the consequences for all your actions.

1). Never ever post your pics with other girls into any social net. Especially if your girlfriend knows that one of the women in the photo is attracted by you. Especially if she wears your clothes when you meet the sunset somewhere at your place! No, seriously. This is a true story! How can you be so irresponsible? No one says you must stop communicating with your friends-girls, but why should you let your jealous couple know about it one morning in the web?

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Man’s whims

The flow of time puts everything on its place. It had been decided long before the current age that men are strong and defending. They solve problems and take all the responsibilities for their families. But nevertheless, being so self-confident and stable, men, as any other human-beings, have the right for their own whims. So, let’s see what we have on the list of typical man’s follies;)

Tasty food. This is considered to be the main whim of our strong and brave. No matter what they say – they all love tasty food. The best woman for them is the one who can cook some interesting dishes and feed his appetite) But note, there’s no man who adores diet stuff. So, all those “green” salads and meat substitutes are not for them. All the food must be rich and nourishing.

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