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China would never stop surprising me.

Before visiting China I surfed the Internet trying to learn as much as possible about the country, its traditions and customs. It seems like I knew everything about the country. But once I came across pretty interesting post devoted to the fake stores of famous and well known brands in the country. Well, to tell the truth I know that it is just OK for Chinese people to copy literally everything they are interested in and like. Fake Louis Vuitton or Valentino don’t surprise me due to my indifference to the world of fashion and fashion brands. I’m not a fashionist at all. But it seemed to be pretty outrageous of them to launch a fake Apple store. For me it is a little bit offensive as I adore and idolize Steve Jobs and everything he managed to create. I was just puzzled and confused by the fact.

So when I arrived in Xi’an I was pretty upset to find out fake Apple store in the city center. I was so angry with it really. And the worst thing in it is that it looks like an actual Apple store. I don’t know how but he managed to copy every single detail of authentic store. Even staff think that they are working for actual Apple store. I’m not kidding you! How dare they launched the production and store as well? I mean it is terrible and I wonder what’s the attitude of the officials of the Apple? What about intellectual property rights? Or maybe Chinese authorities have never heard about it?

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